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External or Garden Office Wifi in Bristol

Now the trend for home working had been turned into normality, offices are moving out of the house and into outbuildings, sheds and garden offices. This means we are seeing a huge number of people asking how to get Wifi in their garden office as a fast internet connection is a must-have when working from your outbuilding or simply wanting to extend your Wifi range outside.

Extending Wifi to Outbuildings

Not just for working in your garden office, you may want to extend Wifi to your garage or summerhouse, which involves running an ethernet cable to an outbuilding and setting up a separate internet access point to the one in your home. By doing it this way you will receive the best Wifi speeds and a stable connection when outside the house.

Wifi Booster for Garden

We are often asked, “what is the best way to extend wifi signal to garden?” If you want to extend wifi outside then your best option is to install a cable to your router and add a new access point from your garden in order to receive coverage out in the garden, summerhouse, garden office, or outbuilding. We don’t recommend using a Wifi booster for your garden as you won’t end up with a reliable connection, inevitably ending up in frustration.

The Garden Wifi Specialists in Bristol

Choice Networks are experts in advising and installing the right combination of WiFi hardware to connect your garden room, garden office, summerhouse, garage to your main property’s broadband router.

By selecting the right hardware and data cables for your garden office you will receive a fast, reliable WiFi signal in the garden.

Before offering you a price we will need to survey the size of your garden and outbuilding distance from the main property in order to offer you the best outdoor Wifi solution. If you don’t feel our quote is competitive, please let us know as we aim to give the best best way to extend your wifi signal to your garden and the best price in Bristol.

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